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Introducing Unique Gifting with Annadhanam Vouchers

Celebrate special moments with the gift of giving. Our Annadhanam Vouchers allow you to provide a nourishing meal on a blessed occasion, making your gift meaningful and impactful.

What is Annadhanam? Annadhanam, the sacred tradition of meal donation, brings joy and blessings to both the giver and receiver.

Gift a Blessing Each voucher contributes to providing meals to students learning VEDAM at the Vedic school, Vidyaranyam. These students receive free education, and your donation ensures they are well-nourished as they dedicate themselves to preserving and studying sacred texts.

Why Choose Annadhanam Vouchers?

  • Meaningful & Impactful: Support Vedic students with your gift.
  • Unique & Thoughtful: A gift that carries deep significance.
  • Easy & Convenient: Purchase online and share digitally.
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How it Works:

  1. Purchase a Voucher – Select and buy the Annadhanam Voucher.
  2. Send to Loved Ones – Share the voucher with friends and family.
  3. Redeem Anytime – The recipient can redeem the voucher anytime within the given time frame by visiting our website.
  4. Nourish Lives – Each voucher helps provide meals to Vedic students.


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Meal Type

Whole Day, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner